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Dear All

The new strides for effective re-positioning of the National Health Sector Response to HIV/AIDS in the Country informed the need to have our presence on the World Wide Web. Through this medium, readers can now appreciate all the landmark, challenges and plan of actions in the years ahead.

With our set goals and vision as a division which, anchored on a culture of continuous improvement, proactively contributes to overall public health in Nigeria, through effective coordination of the health sector response to HIV/AIDS, management of information is a key deliverable as we strive to achieve both the Sustainable Development goals and Vision 20-20-20 targets of the Federal Government.

The Federal Ministry of Health recognizes the tireless efforts of our various  Donors  and implementing Partners like  WHO, UNFPA, USAID, UNICEF, UNAIDS, WORLD BANK and Global Fund etc,  who have supported the Programme from this far.

In the area of website activation, we got tremendous support from Family Health International (FHI360/SIDHAS Project), and Management Science For Health (MSH) who funded the setting up of our information Technology unit, design and organized training for our personnel for this site to be operational through their capacity building  and system strengthening support.

The site contains the A-Z of all the official document, achievements, and challenges facing the  programme. However, it require inputs from our esteem readers to improve  on the awareness of the scourge and thereby reduce it to the barest minimal in our great country.


National Coordinator