Laboratory Services

Scope/ Goal of Laboratory Component

The goal of the Laboratory component is to play a pivotal role diagnosis of HIV/AIDS infection and adequate prevention of HIV infection and AIDS as well as Treatment, Care and support for PLWHIV and PABAs in Nigeria through qualitative and effective service delivery using appropriate laboratory intervention strategies that are sustainable and adaptable to local environment.

Functions of Laboratory Component:

Laboratory Component is a (pivotal ) cornerstone of HIV/AIDS Division and it performs among other things the following functions:

  1. Coordination and implementation of capacity building for laboratory personnel in accordance with the national standard.
  2. Initiate action and coordinate activities in the development and dissemination of national policies and guidelines on laboratory diagnosis and monitoring of HIV/AIDS infection.
  3. Collaborate with implementing partners in ensuring proper diagnosis of HIV both at State and Local government level
  4. Coordination of HIV Laboratory diagnosis including Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) and laboratory monitoring of patients on ART
  5. Put proper Quality assurance system in place
  6. Ensures adequate monitoring, mentoring and supervision of facilities offering laboratory services on HIV/AIDS and provide technical support.
  7. Ensures standardization and Evaluation of HIV related laboratory equipment in the country.
  8. Ensures the quality of condoms that are brought into the country for use.
  9. Ensures collaboration with partners on matters relating to laboratory activities under the health sector response to HIV/AIDS.
  10. Coordinate Post Market Validation of HIV Rapid Test Kits procured
  11. Carry out other duties assigned by the National Coordinator