Programme Development & Administration

Programme Development is the hub of NASCP, having responsibility of general coordination, state coordination and coordination of partners, including engagement/ collaboration with other LMs.


  1. Policy, Strategic Planning and Budgeting
  2. State and Line Ministry Coordination
  3. Coordination of Development partners


  1. Coordinate the development of Annual Work Plan (Government, MTSS, World Bank)
  2. Participate in the Development of Partners and stake holders work plan
  3. Participate in the coordination of the activities of different partners
  4. Facilitates the coordination of HIV and AIDS activities at State level
  5. Coordinate Resource mobilization and grant writings
  6. Coordinate Annual National HIV Health Sector Response meeting
  7. Normative guidance
  8. Coordinate Head of component meeting
  9. Coordinate NASCP monthly Calendar
  10. Coordination of State liaison officers