Performance Management

NTPP Performance Monitoring Unit

The control of HIV, STIs and Hepatitis involves numerous partners working in the various thematic areas at national, state, LGA, community and health facility levels. The NTPP Performance monitoring Component has the responsibility to ensure that the interventions of all government and non-government HIV and Hepatitis partners are properly documented, effectively coordinated and periodically monitored.

This entails:

  1. Ensuring that there is a well-articulated HIV Health sector operational plan containing strategies that will enable country and global targets to be met and highlighting the areas for which partners will provide support
  2. Periodic monitoring of the agreed activities to be carried out by Components within NASCP to ensure effectiveness and timeliness
  3. Receipt of periodic reports by State HIV Control Programmes on a quarterly basis with subsequent analysis and provision of feedback
  4. Receipt of periodic reports by implementing partners on a quarterly basis, with subsequent analysis and provision of feedback.